A little something about me? I am here to share my thoughts, passions, and experiences with you.

I grew up in Hawaii, but the thing is, I always wanted to leave. Many of my secret childhood dreams were about exploring big cities, grabbing a bite at late night diners, and walking around in cold crisp winter air (a season I never experienced until I was much older). Simple things are the big things for me, but I also don’t like limitations. I like to experience as many things as possible, share interesting conversations, and surprise myself by overcoming things I swear I could never do. I like feeling connected — whether it’s through painting, writing, teaching, or learning. It’s all a passionate cycle and it’s important to me. It’s part of why I am here writing this.

My first big jump was to Portland, Oregon for University. Being able to stretch my own wings for a few years released some kind of ecstasy and then that was it — I was hooked. I became addicted to freedom, big ideas, wanting to see the world and to challenging myself. It’s during that time in 2014, I bought a one-way ticket to Prague, Czech Republic and have been living here since. I started off as an English teacher (the ultimate gateway btw), and now I’m a freelance copywriter too. On the weekends, I hold painting & wine events in the city to share art with more people. You can find me somewhere in the mesh between three worlds: art, travel, and literature.

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